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Where the water comes from milk cans …

Visible from miles around, the 2051m high Lackenkogel mountain rises up between the upper Enns valley and the Zauch valley. On its northern shoulder lies the ​​Lackenalm region, in principle a very fertile and beautiful pasture. However, it has one major flaw.

Up here there is no natural spring water, just four small lakes (Lacken), which is where the name Lackenalm comes from. These lakes are fed by rainfall. They are looked after carefully and act as cattle troughs.

The milk from the region’s cows is delivered to the valley in large milk cans and, on the way back, these cans carry the drinking water needed for day-to-day use at our alpine cottage.

This mountain pasture is a community pasture, owned by four farmers. The total area of ​​211 hectares provides 160 hectares of pasture area, on which seventy head of cattle spend the summer. However, only our alpine cottage and above that a neighbouring cottage are still farming. At our cottage, or rather in our barn, the cows are still milked. There are suckler cows, oxen and calves which graze on the pasture as well.

The flora all around make the purest alpine herb garden and the open cottage door promises a cosy retreat. In our alpine cottage (Göttfried cottage - 1632m) our dairymaid will spoil you with our typical alpine specialities (brown bread, bacon, sausage, cheese, butter, milk ...).

Göttfried cottage - a cosy mountain cabin on the Lackenalm in Altenmarkt

The Lackenkogel is always in sight - few hikers will want to miss the opportunity to climb its summit! The first landmark along the way is a traditional "weather cross", which was built long ago to give thanks for good health. The path then winds over a steeper slope and quickly gains in height. On the western side the summit’s slope is then cut across, before it goes up the last few metres to the summit from the rear of the saddle. A new summit cross adorns this great vantage point over the Ennspongau region.

Walking time:
• From our farm straight up the hill - 1 hour to Hotel Berggasthof Sattelbauer
• From Hotel Berggasthof Sattelbauer a further 1 hour to the mountain pasture
• From our mountain pasture another 1 hour up to the top of the Lackenkogel
• Or by car to the Sattelbauer and then up the hill.

The trail to the summit of the Lackenkogel is well-marked with no major difficulties.

A beautiful hike, also suitable for families with children!


Göttfriedweg 5
5541 Altenmarkt im Pongau

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